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CPM, Certified Property Manager, Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

Top 10 Topics You Should Consider when Hiring a Property Management Firm**:

1. Are they Certified?

John Jacques is an experienced certified property manager with over 30 years of experience in facilities and property management services, operations, development and implementation of operating budgets and supervising on-site property staff. He has had extensive experience in construction management including major tenant and building renovations, life safety and energy management systems.

John’s professional affiliations and organizations; Institute of Real Estate Management – (IREM) CPM Designation, Key # 12844, Philadelphia Class A Engineer License, Past President of IREM Delaware Valley Chapter 3 (2001, 2002) and Past Regional Vice President responsible for chapters in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Association of Energy Engineers – Past Board Member, Certified Commercial Energy Auditor (CCEA), Building Operator Labor Relations, Inc. – Past Board Member, Building Owners and Managers Association – Past Board Member.

2. Do they have a portfolio they can provide of properties being managed?

A thorough list of properties in the Southern Pennsylvania area is available upon qualified requests.

 3. Are there any hidden management fees?

Never. We will issue and guarantee a management fee commensurate with the market and the number of units to be managed.

 4. Are they conducting thorough property inspections to be proactive with maintenance and repair?

A team of at least two (2) inspectors will inspect the property to ensure that a thorough multi-angle inspection occurs on an agreed to routine so that your property does not fall below compliance and repairs can be kept as low as possible.

 5. Is the process of tenant screening lawful and satisfactory?

One of the most frustrating processes in property management is tenant eviction. Often times the fault lies with the improper screening of tenants (i.e. no credit checks, poor or non-existent references, etc). Our system of thorough screening is comprehensive, lawful, and thorough. The prospective tenant must provide proof of funds, as well as a credit file and references that can be verified.

6. How are repair bills handled?

Unforeseen emergencies do occur – they are part of owning and renting property. We will agree to contact you (the owner) for any repairs that are stipulated in the management agreement. There will be emergency repairs that will require immediate action but the majority of the time any expenses above and beyond the normal wear and tear of the property will be scheduled.

 7. Why and where is your money being spent?

State of the art technology allows our firm to provide you with detailed accounts of your rent roll as well as any repairs or expenses incurred. A monthly accounting of all monies is reported electronically, and upon request.

8. Who keeps the fees?

Generally, In the event that there are late and/ or pet fees, these will typically be retained by us, the property management firm, to collect and/or remediate damages to the property due to the breach of tenant’s breech of contract.

9. If you are unhappy with our services…

We are confident you will love our services, but in the event that you do not, we have a simple thirty (30) days certified mail request that will terminate our contract for residential contracts. Commercial contracts involve coordination with vendors and incumbent personnel that typically requires a ninety (90) day notice to terminate.

10. How easy is the management company to contact?

We have a 24-hour emergency call center to handle all emergencies. If you cannot get a hold of the management company, neither will your tenant and that is cause for decrease in customer satisfaction.

** These statements are not to be construed as a contract of any type or length of time. Abacus Managing Partners will execute a specific contract for each unique client to account for the levels of specificity of their business operations. These are our experience based opinions on topics to consider when hiring a property management firm. No actual data or guarantees are afforded at any time.

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